Kurass-meet-pres.jpgLisa Kurrass, CIPS
FOUNDER & President

Lisa Kurrass founded Real Estate Connection International as a Property Management Firm in 1990 in Houston, Texas and has been managing and selling properties since 1990 in the Houston area real estate market and abroad. In 2015, Lisa has developed a huge presence in the country of Costa Rica.

Early In her real estate career, she joined FIABCI (The International Real Estate Federation) and expanded Internationally.  The management Company grew to include small to medium size commercial and industrial property management, which naturally expanded the brokerage end of the company.  FIABCI was founded in Paris, France in 1948 and now consists of 70 countries around the world.  She received a United States Medal of Honor in Oslo, Norway and a World Medal of Honor in Seville, Spain and one in Manila, Philippines.  

Lisa was elected FIABCI World President in 2008, in Amsterdam, as the First Female World President in this organization`s 60 year history.  The Federation includes over 100 Associations worldwide and 26 appointments to the United Nations, which she appointed.  Lisa was installed in Beijing, China in 2009 and after visits to 32 cities worldwide, her term ended in Bali, Indonesia in 2010.

With a reputation for trust, integrity, and professionalism, Lisa has become one of the foremost real estate brokers worldwide.  Her sphere of influence in exposing opportunity spans the globe with some of the most highly respected real estate practioners worldwide.  

She has returned to private life here in Houston and is enjoying her clients, her business and her family.  Lisa is married to Robert Kurrass and has 2 boys, Brandon and Christopher. They are active members in Faith For All Nations Church.

• Investment Opportunities
• Acquisition
• Disposition 
• Portfolio Expansion
• Commercial Leases
• Vacation Homes 
• Resale Houses and New Construction

"Certified International Property Specialist" 
"FIABCI International Property Consultant"
"FIABCI International Real Estate Consultant"

Honors and Awards:

FIABCI Medal of Honor 2007, received in Barcelona, Spain
FIABCI-USA Medal of Honor 2001, received in Oslo, Norway
Honored Member of National Direcotry of Who's Who in Executives and Professionals 1996-1997 Edition
Honored Member of International Directory of Who's Who of Professionals 1997 Edition 
Positions or Committees:

FIABCI Board of Directors 2006-2011
FIABCI Regional President of the Americas, 2007-2008 Elected
FIABCI President Nominations Appointed 2006-2007
FIABCI-USA Chair of Nominations 2006-2007
FIABCI Vice President Nominations 2005-2006, Elected 
FIABCI-USA President 2004-2005,Elected 
FIABCI Vice President Asia/Pacific Region 2005-2006, Elected 
President of Briarglen Property Owners Association 2001-2006-Elected
FIABCI-President/Leisure Committee 1998-2004-Elected
FIABCI-China Working Party Committee 1998-1999-Appointed
FIABCI World Congress Vice Chairman 2004 Appointed
FIABCI-USA Treasurer 2002-2003-Elected
FIABCI-USA Vice President 1997-1999-Appointed
FIABCI-USA Board of Directors 1995-2008-Elected 
FIABCI-Houston President 1994-1995, 2002-2003-Elected
NAR (National Associaiton of Realtors) International Operations Commmittee 1996-1998 - Reciprocal Director to Denmark-Appointed
TAR (Texas Association of Realtors) Board of Directors-Appointed
HAR (Houston Association of Realtors) Chairman International Section -1998-2000-Appointed
U.S.-China People's Friendship Association-President Houston Chapter-Elected

World Affairs Council
FIABCI-International Real Estate Federation (52 Countries)
United Nations
National Association of Realtors (including International Section)
Texas & Houston Association of Realtors
TAR (Texas Association of Realtors) Political Affairs Committee
Texas Real Estate Political Action Committee
Texas Coalition for U.S.-China Commercial Relations-Founding Member
Houston-Shenzhen Sister City Association
The Asia Society 
The United States-China People's Friendship Association
U.S.-China People's Friendship Association

Publications or Broadcasts:
International Real Estate Update, Summer 1993 Issue
Texas Realtor, September/October 1993 Issue
Business in Real Estate Almanac / KSEV Radio Show Guest
Texas Realtor, February 1994 Issue "How to Become an International Realtor From Your Own Desk"
Texas Realtor, February 1994 Issue "Mediation, An Alternative That Can Save Money and Your Career"
DBA Houston, May 1995 Issue "Cross Cultural Do's & Don'ts"
Texas Realtor, December 1995 Issue "The Houston Globe Trotter"
Texas Realtor, February 1998 Issue "Slow Down, Mind Your Manners and Sell"
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