"During the past five years, RECI has handled numerous overseas industrial properties, demonstrating impeccable service and prompt attention to every aspect of our business. Even with a turbulent business climate and extremely demanding long-term tenants, RECI has performed in its role as owner representation with excellence, resulting in a most rewarding and profitable relationship. "
Michael Antoniadis
President, Adamas Investment trust
"When Healy Properties was suffering from mismanagement of our multi-family properties, our insurance provider referred us to Lisa and her fine team at RECI. They came in and took charge of our renovations and upgrades, along with all aspects of the management of those properties. The result? Better tenants, higher rents and greater profits. RECI was essential to the maximizing of our investment."
Andrew Healy
President, Healy Properties
"The hallmark of good property management in the commercial property arena is the ability to maintain nearly 100% leasing at all times, and that is exactly what RECI accomplished for us. In addition, when it came time to sell the property, I am confident RECI's excellent management contributed to the ease with which the property sold."
Larry Shelmire
President, Capricorn Storage, Inc.

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Preventative Maintenance
Capital Improvement
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